Does my Pet have a Fever

Normal Adult Dog/Cat Temperature 100 to 102.5

Is my Pets Heart Rate and Breathing Rate ok?

On average, a smaller dogs pulse rate will be in the range of 100-120 beats per minute (BPM) and the larger dogs tend to be slower rates. In cats, the rate varies from 120-180 BPM. In puppies and kittens rates are higher.

You can find the heart beat easiest behind the left elbow, under the rib cage or feel the pulse on the inner thigh. Stress, pain, fever will typically increase the rate.

Respirations also vary with patient size and condition, but cats should not be panting/open mouth breathing typically. In dogs, panting is a means to cool and can associate with other reasons as well. However, extremely rapid panting with the tongue protruding far from the mouth or appearing in distress should signal getting checked out.

How do I know my Pet may be Dehydrated?

They may be less active or less responsive to you and making less urine. If you touch their gums they may feel sticky and look dry or pale.

Gently lifting the looser skin over the shoulders may show it does not fall back in place readily, it stays tented up in appearance.

You can assess your pets CRT- capillary refill time- push onto the gums and then count the seconds it takes to return to the original pink color. Normal is under 3 seconds.

How can I tell if my Pet is in Pain or not feeling well?

Some pets make this obvious by limping, whining, trembling, and being way less active. Others may just be a little less energetic than usual and seek out a quiet place.

Does VETURGENCY treat birds, reptiles, and pocket pets?

In general we are dedicated to cats and dogs. Please call us to see if we are able to help your pet.

Can I give my pet Aspirin or other over the counter medications?

We urge you NOT to give aspirin or over the counter medications without a doctor examination. Aspirin and Tylenol, amongst other OTC medications, can be very harmful.

Will I get to be with my Pet when the Vet Examines him/her?

We strive to keep the stress level as low as possible for your pet and provide the level of care your pet needs - you will remain with your pet for as much of the time as possible to still provide what is needed.

Do you do regular Veterinarian services like Wellness visits or Vaccines?

We only offer urgent care for pets. If a patient is bitten by a potentially rabid animal we can provide a booster rabies vaccine.

Do you have Care Credit?

Yes, we provide the option of applying for Care Credit to help with finances. We do not offer payment plans and services must be paid for at time of the visit.