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Bite Wounds 101

Bite wounds are often a reason to visit an urgent care facility. Similar to many accidents, they do not always occur at a convenient time. Many bite wounds can be treated, if properly cared for, with little to no permanent ill effects. More serious injuries, or those not properly cared for, can escalate quickly and... Read More

Common Causes of Gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the middle (and longest section) of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines). In very basic terms, this is an upset stomach. The same as these bouts can happen in people, pets can struggle with some uncomfortable GI symptoms. That being said a little indigestion is very different from a severe... Read More

Avoiding a Holiday Horror

After the laundry list of cringe worthy moments of 2020, a little preparation and seasonal cheer can help create a holiday season still filled with joy! For those with pets, be sure to plan accordingly for your quarantine crew. Pets have kept us company during some dark days this year so it’s natural that they... Read More

Lacerations 101

Lacerations and wounds are often seen at VetUrgency. The severity and location of the wound will determine the necessary treatment(s). For deep wounds amenable to closure, multiple layers of sutures may be used to close the layers of tissue. Internal sutures dissolve over time.  The superficial layer (skin closure) of either sutures or staples typically... Read More