NEW Hospital Protocol

During this pandemic, the health and safety of our staff and clients is our top priority along with continuing to provide pets with our services for essential needs. In accordance with recommendations from the CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association, we will remain open for our usual business hours but will do so as a “curbside” hospital and with important safety protocols in place.  

How VetUrgency patient visits will work during this current situation:

Please be aware, we are requiring all clients to remain outside of our building. Upon arrival, call our main line (301)288-8387 to check in. At that time, you will speak with a veterinary technician to discuss the signs and symptoms your pet is experiencing. We will then meet you at our front door area and escort your pet inside for examination by our veterinarian.   

Our staff will continue to wear PPE, including face masks, while we work.  We require that our clients also wear face masks/covering of the mouth and nose during any in-person interactions with our staff as we pick up or return your pet to you in our parking lot or hospital vestibule area.

After your pet has had their examination you will be contacted by phone to discuss the findings with the veterinarian as well as treatment and/or diagnostic recommendations. We will also provide as usual our detailed examination notes in writing and send them to your pet’s primary care veterinarian. 

We are striving to provide you and your pet our same elevated level of care throughout this challenging time and we appreciate your patience with these changes in how we will need to communicate with you about your pet. We are also taking all measures we can to ensure your pet has as stress free and positive visit as possible without your presence in our building.  

Payments can be taken over the phone or by using our wireless credit/debit card reader, and you will be contacted to alert you when a staff member will be returning your pet to you at our front entrance. 

Illness Policy:

If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or Flu as described by the CDC we ask that you do not visit VetUrgency until you are deemed safe to be in public again by a medical professional.  

If you, or a member within your household, have tested positive or are under COVID-19 quarantine for any reason mandated by the State of MD you should avoid bringing your pet until the quarantine time frame has been met.